Friday, September 17, 2010

Ok.. so you have a willing participant here.. and, from another question, making him beg for mercy would be fun. So how about kicking me in the balls until you make me beg to let you use a strap-on on me? Video it and sell it on your website. I LOVE IT

I'm down! Email us at, so we can talk about setting it up. :)

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Weekly Recap - Sep 11-17, 2010

Hey ya'll! It's Friday again! Jesus, it comes so fast. I'm still pissed at you guys for NEVER commenting, but at least I know that people are reading this because we get alot of hits to it....guess you guys just don't have anything to say? Here's a few suggestions - things you like, things you hate, requests, questions, etc.

Here are the new clips we added this week at

Strip Foot Presses in POV with Je C
 This is a short, but awesome video with pretty spitfire Je C. This is a new concept for us; Je C sits on the floor and smashes her feet into Psymon's balls and takes off an article of clothing after each press. Kind of like strip ball squeezing, but with feet! And in POV! Great close-up foot shots and Je C's famous no-nonsense attitude. Psymon was really hurting during this one, as Je C didn't give a F*CK. She smashes the hell out of his nutsack with those bare feet! Awesome! We'll do alot more of these if this one sells well.

FetishCon 2010 Test Kicks: Volume 1
Usually, before we shoot a new girl, we do a few test kicks to make sure she's going to kick at a good level before we film the first scene. Here are three from last month at FetishCon - Czech sensation Petra kicking Chuck Bass (who, by the way, isn't into getting kicked in the nuts, but he sure was into Petra!), Asian beauty Siren Thorn kicking Psymon and the lovely Britney Sands kicking Psymon (with Frank Sinn filming). This is some fun behind-the-scenes action so you can see some of what goes on when the camera isn't rolling for real. :) Sometimes the girls kick too softly and we have to tell them to ramp it up, sometimes they kick at a level that isn't going to sustain the entire shoot - meaning that Psymon would be down on the ground instantly or worse, in the hospital and that would be no fun. So it's about a nice build-up from medium kicks to hard ones to really hard ones. At least that's what we prefer! :) Sometimes we have to coach a model on the right way to kick; usually with the top of their foot, good angles to use, etc. So if you're interested in this aspect, you'll enjoy this little compilation!

Britney Sands Does Strip Ball Squeezing with Frank Sinn
Britney Sands dresses up all cute and girly with pigtails and rainbow toe socks and squeezes the f*ck out of Frank Sinn's balls! To quote him, he's "not particularly enthused" about this situation. :) After the first squeeze, he bangs the wall with his in order to deal with the pain. The banter back and forth between these two is awesome - she calls him a wuss, he calls her an asshole. But she continues to take off one of her several articles of clothing and accessories for each powerful squeeze! Frank isn't very smart to talk crap to her because it just fuels her fire. "How much flea market jewelry do you have to take off? Come on, take off the clothes!" She retaliates with an even tighter testicle squeeze with the addition of her knee smashing into them. Ouch! Frank better learn to keep his mouth shut and just take it! At least Britney gets fully naked, there's something to look forward to! :)

BallBust Show Fights! - Petra vs. Psymon
Welcome to BallBust Show Fights! The ballbusting, mixed wrestling, grappling, groping, submission game that results in forfeits like more ball kicks, ball squeezes, breast groping, stripping and more! This episode is Czech style! Petra wins the award for the model who traveled the furthest, all the way from the Czech Republic, to bust some American balls. It was a bit difficult to explain the rules to her, but she picked up on it fairly quickly and brought the pain! Petra wraps her long legs around Psymon in some tight scissor holds while using every opportunity to maneuver her hands and feet in between his legs! There's a good deal of ballbusting in this one and Petra kicks hard. Enjoy some of her kicks in slo-mo at the end of the video. And the best part? Her accent. It's absolutely smokin. :) Enjoy!

Cali Logan Talks Ballbusting
Beautiful Cali Logan comes to BallBust Show! She's done a variety of fetish shoots in her short time fetish modeling, but we got to break her ballbusting cherry! Cali's one of those girls who never really felt the desire to kick a guy in the balls. Fancy that! But she was willing to give it a go because we're so awesome. Or maybe it was the money, I don't know. :) Anyway, Cali's a nice girl. Psymon talks to her about the prospect of ballbusting and fighting, in general, and it turns out that she did kick a boy in the balls during childhood, but I guess it didn't turn into a fetish for her or anything. At the end of the interview she gives it a few shots, but she clearly feels bad about it. Sometimes that reaction is kind of fun, though! Stay tuned for more Cali!
Until next week.....<3
Have a safe and happy weekend!
Addie Juniper 



Friday, September 10, 2010

If you could kick a guy in the balls with your bare feet, then use a strap-on on him while his girlfriend watched or filmed, would you?

Sure, if that's what they're into. I'd definitely be into it. :)

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Did you ever get kicked in the pussy or punched in the boobs and why? What do you think hurts worst? lol

Actually, yes! When I was little, a mean bully guy did it and then I kicked him in the balls! We were both on the ground holding our crotches. I don't know which hurts worse because I don't have both....duhhh :p

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i think that you're bet that you can kick me 300 times in the bare balls as hard as you can..and i will still be in consciense..and also i will not cry..

LOL. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Anyway, I would never kick someone so hard that they would end up in the hospital. That's just stupid.

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You said " I'll just squeeze the fuck out of them and not let go while simultaneously scissoring your neck. Try and get out of that. :)". Why would I want to get out that?


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Would you ever do a cuntbust on your show? You should let Psymon have some fun and kick a girl in the pussy after he gets kicked in the balls hahaha

If someone is willing to do it...I'm sure not! :)

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dont you ever get tired of answering questions about testicles?

Nope! Testicles rock!

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Weekly Recap - Sep 4-10, 2010

Hey guys! I decided that I'm going to post in here at least every Friday so that I can tell you about the videos we put up that week and anything else of note that's going on!

Last weekend, Psymon and I went to DragonCon, which is held right here in our wonderful city of Atlanta, and it was a blast! That's why we didn't update with as many videos this week as we normally do because we were too busy drinking and hanging out with friends. Come on, we're still in our 20s! :)

For those of you who are friends with me on FaceBook (my personal Addie Juniper one, not The BallBust Show) I'm sure you saw all the crazy costumes I wore there - I dressed up as a girl version of Robin, an Ironette cheerleader and Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim books/movie. I don't usually dress up at those things, so it was alot of fun to walk around getting pictures taken of me and seeing all of the other cool costumes.

Soooo on to the videos:

I think it's pointless to post the pictures from the videos and their descriptions because they're obviously on the site - you can just go look for yourself. Instead, maybe it's more interesting if I say a little something about each video....

Mistress Rachel Gives You The Domination Session Of Your Life

As you guys have probably seen, we got Rachel Steele back! Ms. Steele is the most popular MILF on the net, at least in the fetish world. Her store is currently the top Clips4Sale store. We were so happy to shoot with her again and we were especially anxious for her to do one of our POV ballbusting talking videos (not sure what else to call them!). And as expected, she did an excellent job. You feel like you're really getting kicked by Rachel and she's so mean and's awesome. So definitely check it out!

Asian Schoolgirl Siren Does Strip Ballbusting 

Man! Siren is THE hottest Chinese girl I think I've ever seen. And I'm into Chinese girls. :) And she's also awesome. As I said in the description, not the hardest kicker ever, but she's REALLY into it and I think that says alot. Her squeezes are great, though. Perfect. And she does a few of them in this video. And she's dressed like a school girl. Nuff said. :)

BallBust Show Fights! - Rematch with Alexis Grace and Psymon  

As I've said before, you guys LOVE Alexis. And we do, too! She is brutal. And so sexy at the same time! Here's a BallBust Show Fights rematch. Hopefully Psymon won't look like such a pussy this time!

I know, sad, but that's all we put up this week! Boo! But don't worry, we're back to our regular constant blasts of updates now that the Con is over! So I'll do my part...and you do your part. By getting out your credit cards. Whoo! :) Do it....or I'll kick you in the balls. 

Comments plzzzzzz? That would be really cool.

Love ya!
Addie Juniper   

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Je C

Je C is an EXCELLENT ballbuster. That means she kicks HARD. Really hard. She concentrates on making each hit count and then casually removes one of her many articles of clothing (she's wearing two pairs of pants, for god's sake!). She's also wearing some of the highest platform stripper heels we've ever seen. And believe me, Psymon was complaining about that extremely hard chunk of plastic slamming into his balls. Too bad! She's quite the no-nonsense ballbuster. "C'mon, you can take it." She says, dismissing his petty little pain. :) Also, some great slo-mo kicks at the end that I think you guys will really enjoy! Je C rocks!


Do you think the pussy is anywhere near as sensitive as the balls?

I don't think anyone will ever know....unless they have both! LOL

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I wish guys had five balls instead of only two hahhaa It would be GREAT! LMFAO What do you think?

I think that would be kind of gross..

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Why do girls always go for the balls? Don't they know there are other ways to hurt a guy?

LOL because that's the easiest and most effective way!

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Where is all this stuff located? It looks like an apartment in New York or something

Close, an apartment in Atlanta. :)

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