Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three new Ballbust Show Fights! videos JUST for you!

Hey guys, we've got quite a few new Ballbust Show Fights! videos posted, which sales have proven that you guys LOVE, so we try to shoot them with just about every model we hire! Here are new ones with petite redhead Audrey Lords, sexy brunette Betty Jaded, and a rematch with the voluptuous exotic Kenna Valentina. Enjoy!

Ballbust Show Fights! - Audrey Lords vs Psymon

Only five feet tall, natural redhead Audrey Lords is cute as a button! She battles Psymon in this episode of Ballbusting Show Fights!, and she's actually somewhat experienced in wrestling and martial arts. Her top ballbusting move is a quick sucker bunch to the testicles, and she grapples like a champ as well! 10 kicks to the balls is on the line for Psymon, and one kick to the nuts for each round lost! Audrey has to lose an article of clothing for each round she loses, and man, what a spinner! Audrey's kicks are solid and brutal, and she's more than up to the task of beating Psymon (and his balls) into submission!

Ballbust Show Fights! - Rematch with Kenna and Psymon

Kenna's back to accept Psymon's rematch challenge in this episode of Ballbust Show Fights! This one's only one round, and Psymon's offered up one free kick to the nuts if he loses. Kenna has seemingly perfected her ballbusting techniques, delivering MANY punches, MANY of them hard (Psymon was hurting pretty bad after this one), and one particularly precise kick that's sure to be a fav. Kenna Valentina's top is incredibly skimpy and you definitely get to see a LOT of her incredibly sexy body. Psymon takes quite a few opportunities to fondle Kenna's huge boobs, but Kenna usually manages to break out of whatever hold she's in with a well-placed groin shot!

Ballbust Show Fights! - Betty Jaded vs Psymon

It's Ballbust Show Fights! In the girl's corner, we have Betty Jaded, Ballbust Show regular and all-around hottie! In the boy's corner, we have Psymon, reigning punching bag of The Ballbust Show! Betty Jaded uses primarily punches and kicks in her bout with Psymon, aiming almost entirely for his balls with every hit. They grapple a bit, and Psymon is able to keep Betty under control as long as she doesn't find a sneaky way to bust his nuts...which she does, often! Each round's loser has a forfeit - losing an article of clothing in Betty's case, and standing and taking a direct kick to the balls in Psymon's. If Psymon loses, he has to spread his legs and take 10 direct-hit blows to the nuts from Betty Jaded! This is a fairly long fight with lots of action, and features Betty's bare breasts, one particularly great squeeze near the end, and lots of ballbusting action!

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